Green Goddess Pesto Pasta

Prep time: 20 min, Cook time: 30 min

Who doesn’t love a good pesto? Especially when its packed with super foods like spinach and avocado.

I kind of stumbled across this combination because I was constantly left with half an avocado after making toasts.

And OMG it is amazing in this recipe! It really makes the sauce rich and creamy.


  • 1 16oz package of dried pasta (I used whole wheat bow tie)
  • 3c sliced cherry tomatoes
  • 2c sliced sweet peppers
  • 2 14 oz cans great Northern beans

Pesto Ingredients:

  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 12oz bag frozen spinach, thawed and drained
  • 2t lemon juice
  • 1c fresh basil (or about 4t dried or compressed)
  • 1T minced garlic
  • 1/4c pine nuts
  • 1/4c olive oil
  • 1T nutritional yeast
  • 2t salt
  • 1t fresh ground pepper
  • Dash of red pepper flakes (optional)


  1. Bring water to a boil in a large stockpot or flat bottom skillet.
  2. Turn heat to medium, add pasta and cook about 15 min or until al dente.
  3. Place frozen spinach in a colander and run under hot water for a few min to thaw (its ok if it’s not 100% thawed before blending).
  4. Place all pesto ingredients into a food processor and puree (I ran mine twice, about 5 min total).
  5. Chop cherry tomatoes in half and sweet peppers into large chunks.
  6. When pasta is done cooking, reserve 1c cooking liquid and then drain.
  7. In the same pot, heat 1t olive oil and turn heat to medium-low. Lightly sautee peppers until they start to soften.
  8. Add tomatoes and cook for another 1-2 minutes.
  9. Add pasta back to pot with the veggies.
  10. Add beans and pesto and toss gently to mix everything thoroughly.
  11. Add 1c pasta water slowly while stirring.
  12. Let cook together for another 5 min, stirring occasionally.
  13. Turn off heat and enjoy!

This makes about 8 servings. Store leftovers in an airtight container for up to one week. This will freeze well also.

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